Post #2 from 12yo me

Here is a letter I wrote when I was 12, addressed to myself in the year 2000. I put it into an envelope, drew a stamp worth $40 to send it and wrote “Via Time Machine” on the outside. I love this idea and might have to get the kids in my world to write letters to themselves in the future and save them to be returned later. [Quick aside: Yes, I went by “Cindy” in those days.]


Dear Cindy,

You’re 33 now aren’t you? I’m writing from 1979.

Are you still living in San Rafael or are you living on the moon? You’re probably flying in little space ships aren’t you? Or are you driving hovercrafts?

Did you ever become popular or pretty? Are you a successful businesswoman? Did you get married?

All the schools are teaching the kids by computers aren’t they? You can see the other people on the telephones, can’t you?

Why don’t you see “Buck Rodgers in the 25th century”? Is your dancing like that? We’re doing disco, you know, a do-whatever-you-want kind of dance (provided it takes a lot of shaking-the-hips sort of thing.)

How are your hair styles? Do the girls have short hair and the boys long?

How many relatives do you have now?

Oh, I’ve got to go.



P.S. Write back through one of your time machines.


3 responses to “Post #2 from 12yo me

  1. We’re doing disco… yes we were.

    This is delightful. I cam across a journal entry of mine from when I was 25 where I gave my future self a “it’s going to be alright” message.

    25 year old me really helped out 41 year old me quite a bit!

  2. ooh! Of course it never occurred to me that I could write one now as an adult to myself later… I love that idea. How awesome that 25 year old you helped out 41 year old you!

    I guess I’ll have to take a cue and try to describe the dancing now to my future self as well… 😉

  3. This is adorable. What a great idea! (P.S. I would have liked you back then, too, even though I was only five.)

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