Parallels, parallels, everywhere I look (42-43/365)

As if having two films in active mode wasn’t enough, I have been collaborating on another screenplay. We’ve been officially working on it for well over a year but it’s been mostly on hiatus – until now. Add to that: I am also working on a commercial project, creating a couple of promo pieces for a friend.

I just realized that there is a theme running through all of them – one which is (of course) currently dominating my life: The characters have a desperate need to communicate and be understood – and for the most part either have not had the opportunity or are somehow failing when they get the chance. Words are misunderstood or are not even found. Attempts are made to listen but emotions, expectations, and histories get in the way. A tension arises between the level of commitment to communicate and the growing awareness of language gaps. New tools are needed. Sometimes they appear in time. When they do appear, there is hope. At that point it is up to the characters to use them to their best advantage, to commit to staying through the awkward stage when things are new and they are lacking in the grace that comes with familiarity.

The endings of these stories in my head are as yet unknown.


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