“Ideal Friend” recipe – written when I was 12

I’m looking through a report that I wrote when I was 12 when I was in 8th grade. It’s a report about myself. It includes the following recipe (which clearly shows that I was so into baking at the time):

Ideal Friend

1 c. honesty

3 T. decisiveness

1 open mind

2 c. kindness

2 t. tact

1 c. industry

1 strong will

1/2 c. reliability

1 pinch shyness


1/2 T. understanding

1 t. optimism

1 t. magnanimity

1 pinch practicality

1 dash loyalty

Carefully mix first 9 ingredients in a large bowl till blended. In another bowl stir remaining 5 till smooth. Combine the 2 bowls into the final pan. Let sit out in clear sunlight* for 12 hours and under the moon and stars for another 12. Garnish with discipline. Makes 1 ideal friend.

* if you’re making this in winter: add 1 cup pure rainwater or 2 cups fresh fallen snow and keep in a warm room for 36 hours.


2 responses to ““Ideal Friend” recipe – written when I was 12

  1. sweet.

    I also like the idea of blogging in two directions. Or rather one direction but two starting points… One beginning back with 8th grade writing and moving forward and another current stream.

    So few remember to keep a supply of discipline around for garnish.

  2. this is so adorable, and so far-sighted for a 12 year old!

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