Creativity Gypsy (25/365)

Yesterday I woke up with my mind in a fired up creative state. I was energized and happy and just let my mind play so I could see what happened.

Among the first actions of the morning was to do something I had been thinking about for years without taking any action. You all know that there is a point when creativity means nothing if it just stays trapped up in your brain – and a collaborative project will never come to fruition if you fail to let someone know that you want to work with them. So I did a little bit of hunting online and found contact information for an author I’d like to work with and sent off a note describing the project I’d like to do with him. I know that it will take more to get it started for real, but it felt great to take the first step. I then wrote a few more emails and made phone calls to follow up on unfinished projects with other current collaborators, setting times to get together and work.

As the day progressed my brain continued to ping around, giving me new ideas on how to complete a current crochet project, some new thoughts towards my screenplays and other video projects, designs for clothing I want to make this summer. Then I had to meditate a little to get my mind to stay still for most of the afternoon because I’m on a jury right now and needed to focus on the case at hand. Of course as soon as that was over for the day my brain went back into its crazy creative state developing and refining some of the ideas that got started earlier in the day. Then I went out to dinner with a new friend and we ended up spending a while doing really fruitful character development on my screenplay which is helping to get me past the point on which it’s been stuck for the past several months.

The title for today’s entry is from that dinner. My friend listened to me talk about these and past projects and said, “You’re a creativity gypsy!” I love it. I embrace that appellation. I have always been and will always be a wanderer in the creative arts, picking up pieces from here and there, weaving them into new sounds and forms, spreading the love of all arts as I traipse my way through the fields.


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  1. Very cool!

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