day005: Learning to shoot wildlife

day005, originally uploaded by cianna.

Most of the photos I’ve taken have been of stationary objects. Sometimes I was moving, taking a photo from a car or a boat, but the subject itself was not. Today I decided to experiment with learning how to take photos of children, namely toddlers. In this case, I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to capture a good shot of my highly active nephew, Carter. He’s almost 2 years old and is in constant motion. He also moves quite erratically, which makes things like framing and focus quite tricky. He’s a very emotive child, his expressions ever-changing, in keeping with his level of focus. I started to feel as if I were learning how to shoot wildlife with the variability of human expression adding another layer of difficulty. I very much enjoyed this assignment and am looking forward to learning more about it.


3 responses to “day005: Learning to shoot wildlife

  1. Nice shot!

  2. My recommendation for shooting little kids is to start outside where there’s lots of light. Easier to catch good stuff when you have a high shutter speed. Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Thanks, Shirley!

    AM- You’re right. I need to play a lot more with shutter speed. I’m having such fun learning. I welcome any and all advice! Thanks!

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