The iPhone is not a toy a.k.a. I sound like an ad

I preface this by acknowledging that I am an Apple fangirl. But still: Today I had an iPhone day that was so striking that I had to share it with you.

Four months after my Tercel finally died, and to conclude several weeks of contemplation and research, I decided I was ready to buy a new-to-me used car. I knew exactly what I wanted and over coffee I started my morning by doing what I had for many days running: I browsed through CraigsList postings using their iPhone app. I found a few that I liked and bookmarked them. Then I clicked through the phone number displayed in the ads to call the dealers and ask a few questions.

One of the dealers had a car that was pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I got the CarFax report (using my laptop, not the iPhone — but I could have done it that way, too) and decided to go down and take a test drive. I used the built in iPhone Maps to look up where they were and saw that there was a Bart station fairly near the dealership. I used the Bart app to find out the next train’s arrival. On the 30+ minute ride, I read another chapter in my book using Kindle For iPhone. At the station, I hopped into a cab only to find that the driver was new and didn’t know the address. I again pulled out my trusty Maps app to show him — and then decided to use the built in GPS location finder feature thing to confirm that we were driving the right way.

The salesman was waiting for me and had even pulled the car to the front of the lot. I checked it out, took it for a drive and was totally sold. The price on the windshield, though, was $1000 more than was advertised on CraigsList so I pulled out my phone to show him the listing when we got down to the money part of the conversation. As we closed in on a deal, I texted to Wil a couple times about my excitement and talked with him on the phone when the salesman went upstairs to talk with the owner about my offer. I used the BofA app to be sure I had transferred enough cash to buy the car outright. The salesguy returned. They accepted my deal. Whoo hoo! Wrapping it up: I used the browser to log in to my Geico account to send them my proof of insurance for the paperwork. I had a little issue with my insurance site password but had a reset link sent to my email, picked that up and we were good to go. Then I signed a bunch of stuff, handed over my debit card and the car was mine!

We stepped outside and the salesguy handed me my keys. I gave him my iPhone and asked him to snap my picture with the car. I jumped on to Tweetie to send out my photo with a twitter about my new prize! As I got into my car to drive away, I was only sad that the stereo didn’t have a hookup so I could listen to podcasts on my way home.

Yes, I know this was all quite possible without the iPhone. But I offer this one day as an example of how the iPhone isn’t actually a phone, it’s a computer that fits in my pocket. A tiny little computer that shows its usefulness to me every day.


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