Ideal apartment

I want to live in San Francisco once again. While I know some of you would like to help me on my search, I realize that “I’m looking for an apartment” doesn’t give anyone enough information. Besides, I hear it helps to articulate exactly what you want in order to make it show up in your world. So here goes.

My next apartment must:
…be in easy walking distance from either the 16th St. or 24th St. Bart station.
…have laundry in the building.
…have a spot for a large, standing desk.
…have enough space to store a fair amount of crafting supplies, camping equipment & video gear.
…have a kitchen that invites you to cook in it.
…have a place to store my bike.
…, if a roommate situation, have bedrooms which don’t share any walls.
…have lots of natural light.
…have a nice shower.
…either be on the 1st or 2nd floor, or have an elevator if higher.
…have good insulation & heat up quickly when it’s cold out.
…have good air circulation when the windows are opened up.

It would be extra nice (but not mandatory) if the apartment also:
…has a parking place (I have no car right now, but will likely end up getting one. A parking spot for guests is also good.)
…has an outside area large enough for a grill.
…has no more than 5 steps to get into the building.
…has laundry in the apartment.
…has a gas stove.

My ideal living situation:
I live either by myself or with 1-2 other people.
It’s a good space to chill out and to throw dinner parties, game nights, brunch gatherings.
I can work at home sometimes.
Parties at my house are lively but are never described as “blow-outs.”

If I have roommates, then:
We have a household based on respect, trust, and a little random fun.
We sometimes cook together and share some basic foodstuffs.
We have a TV in the living room but it’s not on very often. Mostly we watch movies and news.
We keep the common areas clean.

Feels weird to put out specific price ranges here so write to me individually if you want to know that. I’m open to talking with people who might want to go in on this hunt together to track down a good 2- or 3-bedroom apartment. I’d love to move sometime between May 1 – August 30; summer is the easiest time for my schedule. Let me know if you have any ideas!


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