Countdown to 48 Hours

Tonight the 48 Hour Film Project starts again. Several people are curious about this process so I’m going to try to post periodically as the film comes together. For those who don’t know what the 48hfp is: it’s a competition in which we get an assignment Friday night (tonight) at 7 pm and must turn in a completed 4-6 minute film on Sunday night at 7. I’m directing.

Last night I intended to sleep quite a bit and even went to bed early (11 pm). I managed to fall asleep fairly quickly but then woke up at 4 a.m.! I guess I’m pretty excited. I spent a long time trying to fall back asleep, but it was hopeless.

It’s odd to be up so early. I did a bunch of things and then felt behind on my day but it was not even 8 yet. I guess I am getting ready for the 48. I’m already out of sync.


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