The MicroKillers are here!

In case you all have been feeling too calm lately and needed to get nervous about something, I thought you’d like to watch a couple of shows about pandemics. National Geographic is going to air the first two of the MicroKillers series I worked on — “Ebola” and “Super Flu” — on November 13 (9pm & 10pm) and 19 (2pm & 3pm). (You’ll have to have National Geographic Channel to see them.) That second episode will answer many of the questions I’ve heard tossed around in the news lately about this whole avian flu & mutation thing. After you watch it, you might be temped to challenge me with: “Are those numbers real?” and “Could that really happen?” I would answer: Absolutely. I was particularly manic on the flu episode to get the epidemiology & mathematics right.

As an added bonus, you might catch my name flying by in the credits after words like “Assistant Director,” “Writer,” and “Researcher.”

Nov 13 schedule
Nov 19 schedule


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