Buried in Books

my bookshelf
Originally uploaded by cianna.

…uh… can you believe this is my reading right now? And it’s only really the latest round of books and none of the journal articles. I feel like I’ve been getting a large part of some advanced degree… the part after all the foundational lessons that help you to understand what’s coming next. And the part that doesn’t actually let me get a piece of paper and a related research job.

I’m having conversations with major honchos at CDC, NIH, Pasteur, etc. that I can’t believe myself.

Right now as the researcher, I’m in charge of ensuring that the science that we have in the show (which is at the molecular level of 7 different diseases!) is correct. And then as the archival researcher, I find footage for each show. Then, to wrap it all up, I’m annotating our scripts to show where I/we got all the information from.

I’m tired.


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