after jury duty

The judge sent a handwritten note thanking me for being a juror. (I expect that she sent one to all 12 of us, and to the 2 alternates as well). That was a big surprise, but a really nice one. I gather that they have a hard time filling juries right now (spoke to a judge about there being an increase in the number of cases which go to trial) and she seemed truly appreciative of our being there. She also mentioned that we were surprisingly on time and attentive.

Deliberating was really interesting. It reaffirmed my belief in the jury system. We really worked to talk through everything and be sure that each person understood everyone’s concerns and then came to a consensus. It was fascinating.

In Philippine news: 12 people will be nailed to the cross in tribute to Jesus on Good Friday; another bomb explodes on a bus, this time in Cotobato (far from Davao, but on the same island); and a defense lawyer likens Estrada to Jesus. This would be a good time to point everyone to Macky’s artwork, particularly his drawing of Estrada.


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