argh. what’s my plan?

hmmm… should I go back to school next year? should I study documentary video? I’m doing really well in the HIV consulting field and am just getting to a good place with it… keep going? If I decide to go to school, it’s a bummer to move now and sign a one-year lease starting in December… on the other hand, I’m not crazy about staying in this place for another 9 months and I could save for school by moving… or I could pin all my hopes on Berkeley and move to the East Bay… aaaarrrghhhh!

At least I’m clear that I have to start doing more in the world of documentaries. Nice to have one thing clear. How I’ll do it is a little murky, but that’s the next phase of planning.

And I’m paid to be a planner, right? I’m supposed to be good at this…


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