I love Legos

OK, I’m a big fan of Legos. In fact I nearly drove off the road when I saw a sign for “Legoland” — see, I’d never heard of Legoland before. I just saw the sign on the side of the freeway when I was driving to San Diego, and cut across 4 lanes of traffic to get off at the next exit, pull up to the parking attendant and ask (rather excitedly) “What IS Legoland?!” I then ran around there for a little while and was insanely impressed by the model builders there.

I also am a big fan of the internet (duh!), significantly because I have a fascination with obsessionists and they’re out in abundance online. Lego obsessionists do, of course, have a number of websites, primarily ones which feature their own models. Today, I may have seen the best of all these, LegoDeath: a museum of horrors.


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