Manila report: dry, dance, drama

super quick update all. I’m in Manila, and it’s dry. Seems the typhoons have headed north and assaulting Japan. Maraming baha up there, walang dito.

Down here all floods are emotional — I thought there was drama in the regular dance scene, but it’s nothing compared to competition. I’m absolutely exhausted with trying to support (read: keep sane) my friends Arvin & Gwyneth. They compete tomorrow for a national ranking in ballroom dancing. Every day brings fun new surprises & tensions, which, as their coach, I work to heal. This morning they’re happy and dancing well. I’m at the mall, looking for material to redo her costume so it fits and she can dance (bad bad tailoring!). Then I will recolor her shoes. I feel like I’m back in the theater doing costume crafts again. Well, I was talking about the fact that I missed it.

That’s it for today. If it’s not about dance, I don’t know about it.


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